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Your First Orthodontic Visit

Welcome to Nordberg Orthodontics! It’s our mission to create beautiful smiles for patients of all ages in Puyallup, and we’re excited to help you improve your oral health. The first step in any orthodontic journey with our practice is a complimentary consultation, which gives us the opportunity to meet, evaluate your needs, and address whatever concerns you have about your smile. 

This first visit is one of the most important appointments you’ll have with us. Patients who aren’t familiar with orthodontics may be a bit nervous, but there’s no need to worry—we do our best to keep your consultation easy, breezy, and stress-free! To learn more about what you can expect from this initial visit, keep reading below. 

How we’re keeping our community safe

While our office has reopened and resumed seeing patients, we’re still following CDC and OSHA guidelines to maintain a safe office environment. The health of our patients and staff has always been our top priority, and that’s certainly true now! Our team will be wearing personal protective equipment throughout the day, and we will be taking their temperatures daily. We’ll also be scanning our patients for fever as they arrive for appointments. We ask that anyone entering the office please wear a mask and maintain social distance. Thanks for helping us keep our community healthy!

What happens during your first orthodontic visit?

During your first orthodontic visit  at our Puyallup office, you’ll receive a warm welcome and be introduced to some of our team. We’ll take a full set of records, which includes digital photographs, x-rays, and digital impressions of your teeth. You’ll then meet Dr. Nordberg, who will perform a thorough oral examination and discuss any concerns you have about your smile. He’ll assess your x-rays, look at the alignment and position of your teeth, and conduct a complete analysis of your jaw and bite. 

Once this exam is complete, Dr. Nordberg will explain his findings and if there is a need for treatment, he will outline a customized plan for you. If there are multiple treatment options available to you, like braces and aligners, we’ll describe the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed choice based on your specific goals and lifestyle. Dr. Nordberg will let you know if it would be better to begin treatment now or later, and he’ll also discuss any available methods for speeding up the treatment process. 

We know this is a lot of information to take in! That’s why our office will provide you with a take-home visual summary of your visit with helpful notes attached. This gives you the chance to consider the options available to you in the comfort of your own home.  

Your investment in a healthier smile

Here at Nordberg Orthodontics, we believe everyone should have access to the high-quality orthodontic care they need. We offer a variety of affordable treatment options, and have multiple payment options to fit every budget! Because every smile is unique and each patient will respond to treatment in their own way, the total cost of treatment will vary from case to case. During your consultation, we’ll outline all the fees associated with your treatment plan and ensure you understand each one before moving forward. 

Some dental insurance plans will cover some portion of a patient’s orthodontic treatment up to a lifetime maximum. Check with your dental insurer to see what orthodontic benefits your own individual plan will cover for you or your dependents. We’ll ask for your dental insurance information when you schedule your consultation, including how much, if any, of your treatment fees will be covered. By gathering this information ahead of your appointment, we can make your first visit with us as efficient and accurate as possible!  

What comes next?

If you decide to move forward with treatment, we’ll contact your regular dentist first.

Every orthodontic patient must start with a healthy set of teeth and supporting tissues—that is, healthy gums, supporting bone, and ligaments. We check with your dentist to be sure the foundation of your smile is healthy before we attempt any improvements of our own! We also need to know if you have any dental work on the horizon. If you’re scheduled for something like new crowns, fillings, or veneers, it wouldn’t make sense for us to create a custom aligner or affix brackets to your teeth before that happens. 

If we get the green light from your dentist, we can start treatment the same day, or schedule an appointment for you come back in and be fitted for your aligners or have your braces put on. You’ll have follow-up appointments every 4-8 weeks or so, depending on your treatment plan. During these visits, Dr. Nordberg will check that your teeth are moving the way they should be and will make any necessary adjustments. If you’re in braces, he may also change your wire. These appointments are an essential part of the treatment process, so you’ll want to do your best not to miss any. 

Your best smile is waiting for you at Nordberg Orthodontics

You only get one smile. Why trust it to anything less than an expert? Dr. Nordberg and the rest of our talented team are proud to create beautifully aligned smiles for patients of all ages in Puyallup and the surrounding communities. We’ve created a friendly environment where you feel welcome from your first visit to the last, and work hard to provide patients with a rewarding and stress-free orthodontic experience!

If you haven’t already scheduled your virtual or in-office consultation, get in touch with us today! We’ll be happy to help you set it up. There are no dental referrals necessary, so you can start working toward the smile you’ve always wanted as soon as you meet with Dr. Nordberg. There’s never been a better time to improve your oral health! Be sure to follow all of our patients smile journey on our social pages.