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What You Should Ask Before Choosing An Orthodontist

We’re fortunate to live in a time where we can find information on anything under the sun with just the click of a button. That can sometimes work against us, however! If you’ve made the decision to improve your smile with orthodontic treatment, you may be looking for the best place to start. With so many choices at your fingertips, it can be a little overwhelming to try and determine where to begin. Nordberg Orthodontics is here to help!

The first step in any orthodontic journey begins with finding an orthodontist who will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and make you feel comfortable and welcomed in their practice. One way to find the right provider for you is by asking the right questions up front. Let’s take a look at what those questions are and why they’re important! 

“Are you a trained orthodontic specialist?”

This might seem like a strange question given the topic, but it’s actually one of the most important ones you can ask! Many people mistakenly believe that dentists and orthodontists are interchangeable, especially now that more dentists are offering treatments like clear aligner therapy along with their traditional services. Although there are many similarities between the two, there are also significant differences you should be aware of!

An orthodontist is a dentist who has taken on additional years of training and education after graduating from dental school. During this time, they learn a great deal about diagnosing, preventing, and correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. They also study things like:

  • oral disease
  • biomedical science and biomechanics
  • how to successfully manage tooth movement and facial development using various orthodontic techniques

Dr. Nordberg is no stranger to the hard work and dedication it takes to successfully become an orthodontist! He first earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Washington before heading down to the coast to complete his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of Southern California. He then moved on to Brooklyn and worked as a dentist in a hospital there performing craniofacial genetics research before completing his residency in San Francisco. Dr. Nordberg also holds a Masters of Science in Dentistry (Orthodontics) and an Orthodontic Residency Certificate.

When you trust your smile to Nordberg Orthodontics, you’re truly leaving your oral health in the most capable hands!

“How long will it take to straighten my smile?”

Unfortunately, there’s no “one size fits all” answer to this question since every patient responds to treatment in their own way. Each case we treat is different, but generally speaking, the length of time you’ll need to wear braces or aligners will be related to the complexity of your case. Mild orthodontic issues won’t take as long to treat as more complex problems will. 

When speaking with your orthodontist of choice, ask them for an estimated treatment time so you’ll have some idea of what to expect from the process. Regular check-ups are also an essential part of any treatment plan, so you may want to inquire about these to get a feel for how much you’re likely to be spending in their office.  

“How much will my treatment cost?”

When it comes to investing in a new smile, the last thing you want to encounter are hidden fees. The total cost for treatment will vary from case to case, so it’s important you understand everything that’s included in your treatment plan before moving forward. During your first visit with us, we’ll walk you through all the applicable fees associated with your plan so there won’t be any unwelcome surprises!

We believe everyone should have access to the high-quality orthodontic care they need. We offer a variety of affordable treatment options, and have multiple payment options to fit every budget! If you have dental insurance, you may want to check with your provider to see if they cover a portion of your orthodontic treatment. We’ll ask for your dental insurance information when you schedule your consultation to help make your first visit with us as efficient and accurate as possible.

“What treatment options are available to me?”

Modern technology and innovative new techniques mean there’s never been a better time to transform your smile with the following treatment options! 

Metal Braces 

Today’s metal braces are leaps and bounds away from previous designs. The brackets are much smaller and no longer wrap around the entire tooth. Thinner archwires are used to move the teeth with more comfort and speed. You can even put a pop of personality into your treatment journey by choosing fun colors for your elastic bands! Metal braces are a cost-effective option with a long track record of successfully treating a wide range of cases. 

Clear Braces

Clear braces are the same shape and size as metal braces but use transparent or tooth-colored brackets to blend in better with your natural smile. When paired with clear, white, or tooth-colored elastics, they provide an incredibly subtle way to straighten your smile! While the ceramic brackets are durable, they do tend to be a bit more prone to breakage than metal brackets. For this reason, we usually only recommend them for our teen and adult patients. 

Invisalign clear aligner system

Instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a series of clear removable aligners to move the teeth. These are made from a special thermoplastic resin and customized to fit over your teeth firmly but comfortably. Because they’re removable, they provide adult patients with a bit more freedom and flexibility than braces. They also allow you to brush, floss, and eat as you normally would! Invisalign can often be just as effective as braces when worn as directed.

Custom clear aligners

At Nordberg Orthodontics, we also offer our very own in-house aligners! These are an easy way to treat mild alignment issues or mild relapses without the need for a “middle man” lab or company. Because we create the aligners onsite, this can be a faster and more economical option for patients who need minor corrections or touch-up treatment. 

Find the right orthodontist for your smile at Nordberg Orthodontics

Here at Nordberg Orthodontics, we’re determined to stand out from the crowd by providing patients with exceptional care, affordable treatment options, and a stress-free orthodontic experience from start to finish. If you’ve been looking for an orthodontic practice that can meet all your needs and give you a confident smile, look no further! Get in touch today to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Nordberg and take the first step towards the beautiful smile you deserve.