Treating patients when they have a mixture of adult teeth and baby teeth (mixed dentition) can be extremely beneficial. During these developmental stages, the skeletal structures can be influenced in relationship and size and adult teeth can be guided into ideal eruption paths.  Read on to find out when this type of treatment is indicated [ Early Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment ].  


Sometimes, it makes more sense to wait for all (or most) adult teeth to be present before beginning orthodontic treatment.  In these cases we are usually waiting for 2nd molars (sometimes referred to as 12-year-molars) and most of the remaining adult teeth to be present.  Often, we're trying to cause skeletal changes in this type of treatment and we can time the growth spurt (typically ages 11-13 in girls and 13-15 in boys) to affect the most potential for skeletal change.  Read on for some more information about how we can encourage the lower jaw to grow   [ Encouraging the Lower Jaw to Grow ].

Important Update Regarding COVID-19

Here at Nordberg Orthodontics the safety of our patients and staff is our utmost concern so due to COVID-19 our office will be closed from March 17th and will plan on reopening after May 18th.
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