Every patient who receives orthodontic care will start their treatment with a complimentary exam at our office.  We use this opportunity to take full-records (photos, X-rays, and digital impressions) so we can share what we see with you.  We do our best to understand your "chief complaint" (the reason you came to see us).  We evaluate your records with you (photos, X-rays, and digital impressions) and discuss the various options for achieving your dream-smile goals!  If there are multiple options (braces vs. aligners or treatment now vs. treatment later), we will try to describe those options and the related trade-offs of each option.  If there are methods available to speed up your treatment, we will discuss those methods.  We will provide a take-home visual-summary with notes so you can consider the options available to you in the comfort of your own home.  Ultimately, we want you to understand what your options are  and what is involved in achieving your dream-smile goals!  We want you to feel comfortable choosing the right option for you .  

* if you have records to share from a previous orthodontist (for example you moved), please let us know

* if you are or may be pregnant please let us know prior to taking X-rays 


We want to be as respectful of your time as possible.  We want to provide you with all of the information you need to help you make an informed decision if treatment is warranted for you or your family-member.  Part of that information is how much (if any) of your treatment fees will be covered by dental insurance.  Many dental insurances will pay some percentage (say 50%) of the total treatment amount up to a lifetime maximum.  Check with your dental insurer to see what your own individual plan will cover (these are known as "orthodontic benefits") for you and your dependents (children, etc).  By providing your dental insurance information to us prior to the appointment we can respect your time and inform you with as much accuracy as possible what your financial responsibility may entail while also preventing you having to sit around and wait while we investigate your potential benefits.  Basically, this information helps us do our homework for you so we can make your first appointment as efficient as possible.  We can even handle your financials if you decide you want to get started with treatment on the same day of the exam!


Orthodontics allows everyday people to transform their smile and feel great about themselves!  Having said that, every orthodontic patient must start with a healthy set of teeth and supporting tissues (gums, supporting bone, and ligament).  Trying to provide orthodontic services with an unhealthy mouth is a lot like starting a home-renovation project on a house with a faulty foundation.  The inside of the house may look great, but if that house is going to collapse in the next terrible storm, it won't be worth much to the owner.  We check with your dentist to make sure the foundation of your smile is healthy before starting our own smile-home-renovation!  Another aspect of this "check-in" phone call is purely practical.  It doesn't make sense to start with aligners (that assume your teeth will stay the same size and shape) if the shape of your teeth will change soon (new crowns, fillings, or veneers) that would not allow your aligners to fit!  The same principle applies to braces.  It doesn't make sense to glue braces on to your teeth if your teeth need new crowns or fillings where the braces will be placed.  

It's in everyone's best interest to make sure that your dentist gives us the green-light and thumbs-up before we get started with any orthodontic work.  Let's get that check completed so we can get started with your smile-makeover!


We always encourage all "decision makers" to be present at an examination.  For children this often means both guardians are present to give their input and ask all the questions they want.  Please feel free to invite both parents!  This will often help reduce the challenges of trying to remember all the treatment options available and the tradeoffs involved.

We understand that not everyone will be able to get started right away.  Often our patients are in the middle of a move or starting a new job or just waiting for the last couple of baby teeth to fall out before they can get started.  We understand if you want to save more to handle a larger down payment and decrease your monthly payments.  We understand if things are crazy at work while your team is shipping software or handling the implementation of new department policy.  We can find ways to work with your schedule to make things work for you!