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Can I use Elastics (Rubber Bands) with Invisalign?

The simple answer is Yes – absolutely you can wear rubber bands with your Invisalign aligners.  Just like fixed appliances (aka “Braces”), Invisalign allows for the correction of front-to-back bite problems with elastics (rubber bands).  The elastics hook onto little cutout slits on the aligner itself or on specialized auxiliary attachments (buttons or hooks) that are “glued” onto the teeth.

These elastics can usually provide up to 2.5mm of bite-correction in adults.  We can increase this distance to around 4mm if a “shuffle” of teeth is built into the aligners (via the ClinCheck treatment plan).  Children benefit from their growing lower jaw and may be able to correct even greater discrepancies (up to 5-6mm).  For adults that wish to correct greater distances than 3mm we may consider an auxiliary Carriere appliance to help with the bite correction.

For significant distances (5mm +) we can also consider microimplants or TADs although this involves dental anesthetics (getting numb as if you were receiving a new filling).

Sometimes front-to-back bite correction will benefit from the extraction of 3rd molars.  The healing extraction socket will induce a temporary decrease in bone density while the body’s natural healing mechanism kicks into gear.  This allows adjacent teeth to move faster and more predictably through that same area.  We can use some of our accelerated orthodontic techniques like Propel to create a similar effect.

With the exception of TAD based front-to-back bite correction, all techniques here require diligent elastic wear.  As most patients are already being diligent with wearing their aligners, this is quite often an easy request.  Contact us to find out more about front-to-back bite correction and what options may be available for your individual scenario!